WATCH: Joe Budden Apologizes to NBA YoungBoy for Calling Him Trash


Joe Budden is owning up to his “NBA YoungBoy is trash” take and apologizing. Returning on the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, Budden admitted to owing the rapper an apology.

“I owe him an apology,” Budden said. “He don’t even bother nobody. And the pod was over. I was in my notes. My notes is for my brain. That ain’t to put out there like that and if you’re gonna have the conversation, there’s a much better way to articulate what you’re tryna say and have the conversation. That’s just lazy to do that at the end of the pod.”

You can hear Budden’s full message below.


NBA YoungBoy is letting fans know there are no hard feelings toward Joe Budden. Speaking in a video released overnight, YoungBoy states everything is entertainment.

“Joe Budden, I love you bruh,” YoungBoy said. “They don’t understand our plot twist. It was strictly for us to do an interview after that. Don’t take us too serious, everything is for entertainment.”

Joe Budden and NBA Youngboy went back and forth over a few days. Their rift began after Budden delivered his opinion on Youngboy’s music during episode 680 of his self-titled podcast.

“You ready to tell the truth about NBA Youngboy,” Budden said. “That nigga is trash. He is horrible. He is horrible. He is really, really, really, really, really bad.”

For clarity, Budden’s co-host Ish asked if he was speaking about music or as a person. “I don’t know him as a person, I’m only speaking about the music,” Budden replied. He then details how he is a star due to a record label push, which he seems to have backed away from.