[WATCH] McDonald’s Restaurants Set To Open With Strict Guidelines

McDonald’s just distributed a guide to franchise owners with instructions like putting “closed” signs on tables to promote social-distancing and cleaning bathrooms every half-hour.

The guide also demanded the fast-food franchise clean the digital kiosks each time a customer orders. Those were some of the instructions in a 59-page guide that McDonald’s recently distributed to franchisees outlining procedures for safely reopening the fast-food chain’s dining rooms across the country.

The guide “The Dine-In Reopening Playbook” gives franchisees some discretion on when to open. Once a local government says that restaurants can admit dine-in guests, a McDonald’s official in that region will decide whether reopening can begin, it says. Then individual franchise owners will make a decision about whether to go through with reopening.

In addition to the rules about kiosks and bathrooms, the guide calls for all “high-touch” areas to be disinfected every 30 minutes and recommends putting signage on the floor to prevent customers from brushing past one another as they move around.

But we have one very important question….will the ice cream machines work?Will you be heading back to Micky D’s soon?