[WATCH] Nurse Says Minority COVID-19 Patients in NYC Are Being ‘Murdered’

According to The New York Post and a recent video, a Nevada nurse is alleging that minority Coronavirus patients in New York City.

A video was posted by Nicole Sirotek, who has made the claim that New York City hospitals are mismanaging and committing so many acts of gross negligence upon minority patients, that they are, in her words, being “murdered.”

Sirotek says that she has seen everything from an anesthesiologist improperly intubating a patient, a resident using a defibrillator on a patient with a heart rate, and another patient being given the wrong insulin. Sirotek claims that all three of these patients died due to staff negligence.

Sirotek, who was working at Queens’ Elmhurst Hospital before being transferred after the video surfaced, said “They don’t care what is happening to these people. … It’s like going into the f**king Twilight Zone.”