[WATCH] Police in California Recorded Punching 14-Year-Old Suspected of Smoking Marijuana

A video released on Monday(April 27) shows a police officer punching and slamming the head of a 14-year-old boy into the concrete for allegedly being suspected of smoking marijuana and the residents of Rancho Cordova want answers.

The footage, apparently filmed by a bystander, captured the unidentified white officer on the ground struggling with a reported teenager and unsuccessfully trying to handcuff him.

The officer sat on top of the boy, punched him, and maneuvered his arm in a painful motion that looked like it might break.

The minimum age for people to consume marijuana in California is older than the reported age of the victim on the video, however, the protocol to properly apprehend minors who are accused of non-violent offenses is not set in stone.

The Rancho Cordova PD is defending the actions of the officers, calling it a “reasonable response”. The full statement from the Rancho Cordova PD can be read here.