[WATCH] Prostitutes Hold Man Hostage on Facebook Live For Not Paying

According to video footage that has gone viral, two women in Virginia could be facing kidnapping charges after they forced a man into their car at knifepoint after he was unable to pay them after sex.

The women explained in the video that the man offered to pay them for sex, but they soon realized that he didn’t have any money when the deed was done. Both women allegedly kidnapped the man so they could make him pay what he owes, with at least one of the women wielding a knife, scaring the endangered man in the car until they decided to relrsdr him.

The ladies could face kidnapping charges. In Virginia, first-degree kidnapping, carried out with a gun or knife, carries a maximum penalty of 25 years in prison.

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😳🥴 Some prostitutes on Facebook kidnapped a White man and holding him hostage while they on Live🤦🏾‍♂️ via @saycheesetv

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