[WATCH] Rapper Slim Thug Under Fire After Insensitive Comments About Cassie/Diddy Lawsuit

Rapper Slim Thug decided to share his thoughts on the recent Cassie/Diddy lawsuit and fans have been chopping him up online. The Houston rapper says he doesn’t agree with women suing their abusers if they don’t speak up when it happens, “it should be a time limit.” He added that Cassie was with a billionaire and followed her heart to dealing with a trainer and now her apartment got smaller. He shared:

“You participated…you did that, stand on that!”

“When it goes down, speak on that s**t right then or it should be null and void!”


He accused her of looking for ways to get paid so she exposed Diddy for money.

Many women thought the comments were insensitive and proves he doesn’t understand the traumatizing results of hidden domestic violence. The rapper once wrote an op-ed for NYT where he detailed how he reached out to a real estate agent to help him take advantage of a government real estate short-sale program…but quickly got distracted by her cakes and lost sight of his original goal.

So interesting for him to say when NSFW photos LIKE THIS exist of him on the internet.