[WATCH] What Happened To The Man With The Golden Voice?

Who remembers Ted Williams, the man with the golden voice?

In January 2011, with few possessions other than a handwritten sign he held as cars drove by, Ted Williams stood in the cold at a busy intersection in Columbus, Ohio, hoping for a miracle.

“Broke, homeless, standing on a corner, addiction kicking my butt. My family had all given up on me.”  The former radio announcer was trying to get back on his feet after a battle with drugs and alcohol.

His path to getting clean was punctuated by depression, stints at rehab and fights with his family. Nonetheless after going viral for his stunning voice in 2011, Williams landed a $300,000 book deal — “A Golden Voice: How Faith, Hard Work, and Humility Brought Me from the Streets to Salvation” came out in May 2012 — and has been the voice of Kraft Mac and Cheese since 2011. Pepsi also debuted a Super Bowl ad voiced by Williams and several other voice over jobs.

Ted now

Now in his spare time, Williams gives motivational speeches all around the country and helps the same shelter he relied on during tough times.
In 2016 he spoke with Oprah saying he wanted to leave a legacy that would make his family proud.

You’ve already done that Ted…keep going!