Ye and Yeezy Brand Ordered to Pay Freelancer $300K Over Unpaid Wages


Ye and his Yeezy Brand will have to open their wallets and pay a freelancer $300,000. A Brooklyn artist was hired to direct a photo shoot for the brand’s sunglasses creatively but was never paid.

According to Hypebeast, freelancer Katelyn Mooney sued the former billionaire and his brand for the awarded amount in December 2022, citing unpaid invoices and additional damages. Mooney stated she was originally supposed to be paid $110,000 for her work but only received $15,000. There wasn’t a contract in place, instead, text messages and invoices to the brand.

Mooney stated that Ye not paying, she was forced to max her credit cards and take out loans to take care of the costs of the shoots and her personal expenses.