ZOYA And Dennis Sheperd Just Released Their Progressive Collaboration “Purple Skies”

Zoya Zipova and Dennis Sheperd are versatile artists who have made waves in the music world.

ZOYA, skilled in singing, producing, and DJing, has a strong online presence and a knack for crafting diverse sounds spanning various genres.

Meanwhile, Dennis Sheperd is recognized for his innovative spirit and decades-long expertise. With roles as a producer, DJ, and mentor, he’s influenced aspiring musicians worldwide. Their unique music has caught the attention of major labels like Armada, Anjunabeats, Coldharbour, and many more, earning them a devoted fanbase. But there is one label that stands out the most and has been supporting them for many years – Black Hole Recordings.

It was only a matter of time before these two talents collided and joined forces to create something powerful. Considering the slower, progressive sound that both ZOYA and Dennis have been exploring lately, the result of their latest collaboration comes as no surprise. While ZOYA explores the depths of the progressive house, Dennis remains steadfast in the realm of progressive trance. They certainly know what they’re doing, and they’re doing it exceptionally well!

After ZOYA’s successful show at the Ministry of Sound,

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her collaboration with Dennis came at the perfect moment.

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The latest release, “Purple Skies,” may surprise listeners with its 114 BPM tempo, a departure from Dennis and ZOYA’s usual style. But is that a bad thing? Definitely not. This brilliant progressive house composition invites you to close your eyes and follow the floating synths and perfect progression that slowly unfolds within it. It feels like the perfect warm-up track for every summer festival this year, or perhaps the ideal soundtrack for falling in love looking at the Purple Skies by the coast. Perhaps we’ll hear it as the closing track of a festival, early in the morning as the sun rises. Either way, this track deserves a spot on our playlist across all streaming platforms. Be sure to download or save it online, “Purple Skies” it’s available now:


01. ZOYA & Dennis Sheperd – Purple Skies (Original Mix)
02. ZOYA & Dennis Sheperd – Purple Skies (Extended Mix)

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