Apache Grosse – Life After Her

Apache Grosse, an artist in the alternative R&B genre, has been making music since 2014. His journey began with travels through Europe and Asia, which deeply influenced his musical style. Over the past seven years, Apache has dedicated himself to developing his unique sound, culminating in his debut album “After Her.” His music often explores themes of love, sacrifice, and identity.

His latest album, “Life After Her,” is a collection of five songs that tell the story of his personal and professional growth in the music industry. The album mixes various musical styles, including synth-pop and ballads, each track reflecting a different part of his seven-year career.

Apart from his own music, Apache Grosse is also active as a music producer. He works with other artists, helping to shape their music and enhance their sound. His involvement goes beyond individual songs, as he also contributes to creating comprehensive sound scores.

“Life After Her,” is now out and represents Apache’s ongoing commitment to his music and his growth as an artist in the alternative R&B scene.