CHAiLD Presents His Captivating New EP, ‘Urgent Care’

Born in Luxembourg but currently hailing from Brussels, CHAiLD is an emerging pop-based act that has quickly taken his surrounding scene by storm. Encompassing stellar sound design and breathtaking vocals in his work, CHAiLD’s music reflects inspiration from the likes of Sam Smith, MØ, Julia Michaels, Troye Sivan, and other acclaimed artists. His unique style has led to opening performances for Dean Lewis and Mahmood as well as slots at prominent festivals, such as Dockville and Sonic Vision Festival.

Now, CHAiLD is embarking on the next chapter in his musical journey with his brand-new EP, Urgent Care. This six-track compilation kicks off with “Waterfall”, which is centered around CHAiLD’s powerful voice. Next is “Close To You”, where lush lyrical melodies are accompanied by dreamy sequences of acoustic guitar. Other stand-outs on the EP are “Hardcore”, a heavier anthem that features gripped bass-fueled production, and its title track, “Urgent Care”, that dives into a deep introspective message.

As a whole, Urgent Care is a riveting collection of songs that provokes its audience to heal themselves through sound. Sharing his perspective on the EP, CHAiLD states, “‘Urgent care’ is my way of opening up to myself and to others. Throughout my life, I thought vulnerability was a flaw and that showing weakness resulted in an open invitation for people to hurt me. However now, I know I am allowed to tell people I’m not ok. It is ok to break down and to accept the fact that the world feels just a bit too much to handle from time to time.” Emitting this emotional theme to listeners, Urgent Care is an exciting preview of what lies ahead for CHAiLD, who’s preparing for his upcoming live tour dates.