Craig J. Snider Unveils Goldfingers Music Label: Debut Single ‘Pressure’ ft. Jay Fankhauser

In a mesmerizing fusion of talent and technology, renowned composer and producer Craig J. Snider is making waves with his latest venture, Goldfingers Music. This avant-garde record label, in collaboration with Vydia Inc., is set to revolutionize the music industry.

Snider’s passion for nurturing rising stars shines through as Goldfingers Music seeks to unearth fresh talents and deliver an uplifting, groove-centric musical experience. Armed with a prestigious degree in piano and composition from Northwestern University, Snider’s illustrious career boasts collaborations with music icons like David Cassidy, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry.

With an impressive record of 40+ #1 hits on Billboard’s dance charts, Snider’s remixes have left an indelible mark. As the co-founder of Mix Kitchen, a revered production studio, Snider has also composed awe-inspiring scores for television, film, and commercials.

The highly anticipated debut release from Goldfingers Music, “Pressure,” featuring the soul-stirring vocals of Jay Fankhauser, is set to captivate audiences on May 19. Vydia Inc. serves as the backbone, providing a comprehensive infrastructure encompassing audio and video supply chain, global distribution, analytics, and rights management.

The future of Goldfingers Music shines brightly, with Snider’s visionary approach and Vydia’s cutting-edge technology paving the way for a new era in the music industry.