D.White Unleashes Hip-Hop-Laced, Powerful Single ‘8 Ball’

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, D.White, the dynamic hip-hop artist has made quite the splash with his latest release, “8 Ball”. This track showcases his undeniable skill while serving as an anthem of victory, narrating the tale of overcoming adversity and embracing destiny.

For nearly a decade, D.White honed his craft in the underground hip-hop scene, waiting patiently for the right moment to grab the limelight. Following the success of his preceding single “Feeling Super”, which saw its release in April and garnered considerable attention, “8 Ball” further solidifies D.White’s position in the rap scene.

Beyond the design of the sound itself, the lyrics of “8 Ball” offer listeners an intimate glimpse into the artist’s life. He’s not one to shy away from raw authenticity; D.White’s past is punctuated by two heart-wrenching stints of homelessness. These episodes, rather than breaking him, became the fire fueling his artistic journey. He channeled the pain and vulnerability into his debut poetry book, I Made A Place For You. This work stands as an evocative reminder of the transformative power of art.

“8 Ball” promises something different and will impact folks differently depending on their unique walk in life. It’s more than just a rap song—it’s an intimate journey through his world and the evolution of D.White.

As he continues to navigate the ever-evolving rap and hip-hop terrain, D.White is steadfast in his dedication to his craft. With “8 Ball” and the tracks that are yet to come, one thing is certain: D.White is a rising hip-hop artist set to share his vision with the world.