Decker Rush’s ‘Drop’ on S&S Sound House: An Invitation to Surrender to the Rhythm and Embrace the Dancefloor

Decker Rush, a music producer originally from Denver, Colorado, has made a name for himself on the West Coast. Now based in Los Angeles, Rush continues to impact the dance scene with his immersive house and tech house sounds, characterized by deep basslines, intricate melodies, and compelling rhythms.

His latest track, “Drop,” released on Smith & Sorren’s S&S Sound House, transports listeners into a dystopian realm where the dancefloor meets existential introspection. The song’s potent lyrical message is an invitation to surrender to its rhythm and unleash one’s inner dancer, emphasizing self-expression and liberation.

Rush has played at iconic venues like Red Rocks Amphitheater with DJ Snake and Mission Ballroom with James Hype. His appearances at The Ogden Theater, Regenerate Festival, Global Dance Festival, Decadence NYE, and Gerald Ford Amphitheater, proving his demand is on the rise, which is righteously justified given his sound.

A highlight of his career is the track “One Of Those Nights,” a collaboration with Wessyde, which reached number one on Beatport’s Jackin House chart. This success underscores his forward-thinking approach and significant contributions to the genre.

With over 207,000+ total streams, Decker Rush’s journey is just beginning. His dedication to creating fresh, engaging music ensures that his influence in the electronic music community will continue to grow.