Desert Hearts Unveils Stacked 2024 Lineup

When people ask us what our favorite festival has ever been we almost always answer with Desert Hearts. Anyone who was there in the early days will remember how insane things got at Los Coyote Indian Reservation.

What made us love that event so much was the beautiful dance floor surrounded by trees. There was not a bad place to camp. Tons of wonder awaited in the theme camp setups and beyond. Not many festivals could nail the vibe of a small renegade but at the scale of a larger festival like Desert Hearts did.

The crew has since moved its annual festival to a few different venues, but it has finally found a location that we think will be worthy enough to call home. Playa Ponderosa is a giant leap for the crew navigation wise but we know this land will feel familiar to those who miss Los Coyotes. They made the wise choice to team up with Walter Productions, an event company famous for their Walter Where?House in Phoenix and June Jam Festival at Playa Ponderosa.

The lineup recently dropped and we couldn’t be more excited to catch some of our favorite upcoming artists including Sean Watson, Sprout, Techno Tupac, as well as some bigger names like Ardalan, Kevin Knapp, VNSSA, and Walker & Royce. Lineup aside, nothing will beat the typical DH fam vibes that go down during Mikey Lion, Porky, Lee Reynolds, and Marbs’s sets as well!

Take the trip to Flagstaff Arizona this Summer! You will not regret it. Tickets are on-sale now. We will see you soon!

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