Dive into Darkness with AVANCE’s ‘CREATION OF DISGUST’ Single on Monstercat

In the latest twist of his musical journey, AVANCE teams up with Qoiet for the release of “CREATION OF DISGUST,” a single that dives deep into the shadows of the riddim genre. It’s a blend of AVANCE’s haunting narrative with Qoiet’s rocktronic edge, telling a story of confrontation with inner demons, specifically a malevolent specter named Odious that has plagued AVANCE since childhood. This collaboration pulls listeners into a vortex of sinister sounds and revelations, making it a immersive addition to both artists’ discographies.

AVANCE has always stood out in the dubstep scene, not just for his eerie themes but for the unmistakable quality of his music. His track record speaks volumes, with hits like “Welcome To My Nightmare” and “Graves Full” securing top spots on electronic music charts. It’s his unique approach to blending horror elements with electronic music that has caught the ear of industry icons like Skrillex and Alison Wonderland, and even made waves in the horror film and gaming sectors for its atmospheric depth.

“CREATION OF DISGUST” is a deeply personal addition for AVANCE, exploring the dark corners of his psyche. This song showcases not only his growth as an artist but also his ability to transform personal hauntings into something universally relatable and, undeniably, musically exhilarating.