DLG. Adds Trippy Flair To His Sound With ‘Dive In’

Dave De La Garza, or DLG. as he’s widely known, is a storyteller. His latest release, “DIVE IN,” is a example of his introspective and bold approach to songwriting. But let’s talk more about DLG. himself. This Austin-born, Los Angeles-based artist isn’t just riding the wave of his recent West Coast success; he’s creating a tsunami of his own in the music world.

DLG. has a knack for blending genres like a master chef, mixing pop, alternative, and electronic into a delicious musical concoction. His sound, characterized by its infectious beats and DLG.’s signature soft-raspy vocals, draws heavily from influences like Glass Animals and Mac Miller. It’s this unique style that’s won him accolades from fans and critics alike.

“DIVE IN” might be the latest from his repertoire, but it’s just a part of his evolving narrative. The track, a psychedelic exploration of the fine line between passion and obsession, is as thought-provoking as it is catchy. But it’s DLG.’s journey that’s truly fascinating. From his early beginnings in Austin to his current life in LA, he’s always been about more than just his music. He’s about the story, the struggle, and the triumph of following one’s dreams.

His previous hits like “STRANGERS” with KOASTLE, and the feel-good “CLOSE ONE!” have already established him as a formidable talent. Meanwhile, his breakout hit “Inside My Eyelids” has amassed over 28 million streams, proving his reach and resonance with audiences worldwide.

DLG.’s journey is far from over. With over 40 million global streams and a new deal with 10K Projects, he’s gearing up for what could be his biggest year yet. As we watch DLG.’s story unfold, one thing is clear: he’s making his mark on the music world.