DLG. Drops Uplifting Two-Track EP, ‘MARCH’, To Kick Off His ‘2 on 2’ Project

Introducing a completely unique vibe and soundscapes to the realm of indie music, DLG. is back with his new release, MARCH. Made up of two infectious tunes, the compilation starts with “DROWN IN YOU”. Full of soothing vocals from DLG., a funky drum beat, and mesmerizing synths, this track radiates a calming aura that enables listeners to drift away into a state of relaxation. Opposingly, “CLOSE ONE!” is more fast-paced and energetic, encompassing a lighthearted guitar melody that brightens the soul.

On top of being a tantalizing EP for DLG., MARCH is also the first installment on his new project, “2 on 2”. Explaining the innovative concept, DLG. says, “I drop 2 songs on the second of the month. I want to experiment with dropping music consistently on the same date of each month. This way, people will know I have new music even without seeing a post or notification, much in the same way you know your favorite TV show airs on the same day each week.”

This next chapter in DLG.’s artistic journey is just as exciting as his previous ones. Stemming from the mind of LA-native Dave De La Garza, DLG. has been hosted by the likes of New Music Friday, Lowkey, Chill Tracks, and other top Spotify playlists. Additionally, he has racked up more than 40 million streams and 500K monthly listeners on the platform. DLG.’s musical influence will blossom even more as he embarks on his “2 on 2” project.