DLG. Unleashes ‘CHARACTERS’ EP, Showcasing A Different Side

DLG., originally from Austin and now soaking up the LA sun, dropped his latest EP, ‘CHARACTERS’. This EP is a hazy mix of sounds and stories, heavily inspired by the new faces and places DLG. has discovered in Los Angeles. Dave De La Garza, or DLG. as he’s known on stage, has been teasing fans with glimpses of this EP, and the full release did not disappoint, brimming with confidence and vibrant sounds.

The EP, ‘CHARACTERS’, pulls from a diverse pool of musical inspirations like Jungle, Glass Animals, and Mac Miller, weaving a rich, psychedelic jazz thread through its tracks. It’s an adventure in sound, bending genres and expectations with each song, reflecting DLG.’s journey through the eclectic vibes of LA.

Take, for example, the single ‘ICY’. It’s a fresh take on the very first track DLG. ever put out. While the lyrics stayed the same, the vibe got a major overhaul, driven by DLG.’s rediscovery of old tabla recordings that he used to infuse the track with an irresistible rhythm. He explains that the tabla’s sound, a reminder of an old friend, helped everything fall into place for this revamped version.

Before the big reveal of ‘CHARACTERS’, DLG. warmed up his audience with a string of singles including ‘KUNG FU’, ‘OVER MY HEAD’, and ‘STRANGERS’, each setting the stage for what’s turned into a much-anticipated EP. The recent tracks ‘ICY’ and ‘IT’S ALL GOOD’ are just the icing on the cake, rounding out an EP that’s as refreshing as it is reflective of DLG.’s vision.