Dontmesswithjuan Takes Us Higher With New Album Juan & The Pursuit Of Happiness

Montreal-based surrealist electronica artist Dontmesswithjuan shares her debut album, Juan & The Pursuit Of Happiness, through Sono Music Group. The album was written, recorded, produced and mixed by herself. 

Featuring 8 magical songs, among which many previously released singles, Dontmesswithjuan finally brought together different pieces of a puzzle that all point to her fictional character Juan’s pursuit of happiness. 

As opposed to many artists who nowadays focus on trivial topics and superficial lyrics, Dontmesswithjuan uses the medium of sound and music to convey her philosophical questions, often revolving around the pursuit of happiness and ending up with even more profound questions and answers regarding the self or the soul. 

She explains: “Happiness is a timeless quest of the human kind. In some other periods of time, suffering was considered a good thing, especially for the arts. Today it seems like we are obsessing about perfect happiness as a point to reach, as proof of life success, as a characteristic trait we need to have to be a part of society.  As if we could magically find it and have it forever. This is what the title ‘Juan & the Pursuit of Happiness’ questions. Happiness has always been pulsing and shaping societies. It is a cycle we are doomed to live over and over again…..”

Her incredible voice is surely the common denominator and sharpest weapon of this debut album, instantly transporting the listener to a heavenly dimension while distilling an intensely nourishing substance in her lyrics. 

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