DROELOE and Banji’s ‘Landscape’ An Infectious Blend of Chill Pop and Heartfelt Gratitude

“Landscape,” the latest ear-candy collab from electronic maestro DROELOE and pop virtuoso Banji, is officially here. This gem is a chill-pop treat, riding high on addictive beats and feel-good vibes, seriously upping your gratitude game for the world’s splendors. The duo’s sweet, well-blended vocals really hit you right in the feels.

It’s a sneak peek into DROELOE’s upcoming soul-bearing album, The Art of Change” This album is pure art, think creative sonic blend of electronic and acoustic sounds, with real-word sounds making their way in there too.

It’s DROELOE’s first solo concept album since Droeloe has become a solo act, a deep dive into self-growth and retrospection, complete with voice memos, journals, and even interactive elements for fans.

The world is on the edge of something truly special with the teasing of “Landscape” and the upcoming The Art of Change.