Drunken Logic Fuses Indie And Rock In New Single, ‘Born Mad’

For anyone who grew up in the 90s, the names Third Eye Blind and Green Day will most likely ring a bell. Taking inspiration from these historic bands’ styles and revitalizing it into something unique and progressive, Jake Cassman has forged his musical project, Drunken Logic. This intriguing artist bridges together a multitude of genres and sounds, from indie rock to guitar pop.

Showcasing this mesmerizing auditory melting pot, Drunken Logic has returned with his new single, “Born Mad”. The track opens with an electrifying sequence of guitar, which is soon layered by powerful vocals from Drunken Logic. Adding to its indie rock aura, a lively beat on the drums makes you want to break into dance.

Just as captivating as the song is the story behind it. Describing its theme, Drunken Logic says, “‘Born Mad’ is my attempt to understand the mindset of someone who may go on to commit a mass shooting—a uniquely American phenomenon that is at once profoundly shocking and no longer the least bit surprising. The narrator is a profoundly alienated and angry young man, someone who feels trapped by society’s expectation of him and his own definition of masculinity.”

The indie rock anthem challenges listeners to be uncomfortable and really think deeper on the subject. Not afraid to break the mold when it comes to expressing his creativity, Drunken Logic is sure to follow up “Born Mad” with many more enticing releases.