Dystracted Drops ‘Pure Intent’ EP Featuring Sophisticated Glitch-Hop and Bass Anthems

Dystracted is dropping their Pure Intent EP, now out, and from tip to tail, it’s fire. This U.S./Australian duo has been crafting their sound while hopping between continents, splitting their time in the studio and on stage. Their music, filled with catchy hooks and clever writing, is on it’s way to reach it’s peak.

The new EP drops on Grand Alliance Music, the perfect label for their unique mix of glitch-hop and bass anthems. The four tracks on Pure Intent will take you on a wild ride through mid-tempo grooves and electronic.

From the opening track “Oh God” to the remix of “Bucklenut,” this EP is packed with energy and creativity. The closing tracks, “Ello Ello” and “Worn,” wrap up the EP with an intoxicating, psychedelic vibe. Don’t sleep on this release; Dystracted’s Pure Intent EP is going to be unforgettable.

This release is a follow-up to Grand Alliance Music’s compilation Vol. 1: NUMINOUS, which featured over 20 artists.

See for yourself directly below.