Eko Zu and AHEE Drop Electric Dance Single “Horizon (feat. Lei)”

The long-standing name, Eko Zu, has always embraced elements from experimental bass to trap-influenced pop. In 2020 Eko Zu, now taking on a solo approach, is ever-present in the global dance scene, their latest work “Horizon” flexes the production prowess of the alias. With vocal work provided by Lei, the dichotomy of the emotional voice part and upbeat, explosive drops creates a riveting ripple effect that gives this single a major edge.

With plenty of production under his belt, Eko Zu is having a fruitful year thus far, set to perform at Lightning in a Bottle and having regular dates in Los Angeles. Ahee has Lucidity, Shambhala, and Lightning in a Bottle currently slated and has collaborated with acts like K Lab and Stylust. Two forces of nature have naturally come together on “Horizon” with plenty of chance to hear it out live.