Emerging Singer-Songwriter Will Kelsey Impresses With Meaningful ‘Screens’ Release

Will Kelsey, a 21-year-old musician from Surrey, is quickly making a name for himself in the music world. A graduate of the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM), Kelsey has been passionate about music from a young age. His talent for creating original songs that combine meaningful lyrics with catchy melodies is gaining attention from both audiences and music professionals.

Kelsey’s musical journey began in 2019, and he made a significant impact with the release of his debut song, ‘Close To You,’ in January 2020. He followed this with several more songs, showing a clear development in his music. In 2021, he released ‘Stuck Inside,’ further establishing his presence in the music scene.

After a short break to improve his production skills under the mentorship of a notable British DJ and producer, Kelsey returned with a new single, ‘Screens.’ This latest song explores the theme of screen addiction and the influence of social media on people’s lives. It marks a shift in Kelsey’s music towards more introspective and socially relevant topics.

Kelsey’s style, often compared to early works of James Blunt, blends elements of pop and folk music, making his songs relatable and enjoyable to a broad audience. ‘Screens’ is a good example of his strong songwriting ability and his skill in addressing contemporary issues through music.

Will Kelsey is an artist to watch. His growing skills as a songwriter and musician are setting him up for a promising career in the music industry.