fknsyd Launches Solo Project With Debut Mixtape, ‘Taste.test’

Making a massive statement in 2023, fknsyd has dropped the inaugural mixtape of her solo voyage as an artist. Breaking the limits of standard production and sound, Taste.test is a mind-bending nine-track compilation from this renowned vocalist. It opens with “New Evils”, a downtempo original that embodies resonating percussive elements and passionate lyrics delivered by fknsyd.

Proceeding “New Evils” is “First Thing In The Morning”, which emits a spellbinding fusion of indie, R&B, and pop. Throughout the song, fknsyd’s seductive voice and ethereal effects put listeners in a trance. Next up is “I Wanna Be Your Girl”, an emotional anthem that sends soothing auditory waves over its audience. This is followed by a series of captivating tracks and rounded out with “Sedation”, serving as the optimal ending to the sonic adventure that is Taste.test.

Having a ton of experience, knowledge, and talent in the realm of dance music, fknsyd’s voice has the ability to lift spirits while bringing out powerful sentiments. She has toplined for industry-leading artists, such as RL Grime, Slander, Manila Killa, and REZZ on her cover of “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)”. Taste.test proves that there is a promising road ahead for fknsyd as she dives into her ambitions as a solo artist.