Folabi Nuel Captures The Moment With Moving Release ‘In Control (Live)’

Amidst the vibrant tunes of Platoon’s latest EP, “A UK Gospel Celebration,” Folabi Nuel’s “In Control” shines brightly, offering a comforting hug of solace and hope. This tune isn’t just a melody; it’s a warm invitation into a journey of trust, faith, and rediscovery of the divine, standing as a calm sanctuary for those navigating life’s storms.

Hailing from Nigeria, Nuel isn’t just a singer and songwriter but a multifaceted creative gem. His unique sound has crossed borders, collaborating with big names like Timi Dakolo, Johnny Drille, and Nosa. And hey, his talents aren’t just confined to music – he’s made his mark in Nollywood too, contributing to the soundtracks of notable films like “Ije” and “The Wives.”

“In Control” came from a place of doubt for Nuel, transforming into a reassuring anthem in just a couple of hours.

And there’s more – Nuel teamed up with the talented Sharyn to bring a fresh spin to Donnie McClurkin’s classic, “Great Is Your Mercy.” This collaboration is a delightful blend of harmonious synergy, showcasing Sharyn’s vocals and leaving listeners with something to remember.

Folabi Nuel is on a mission, sharing his music far and wide, and inspiring through his art. With tunes like “In Control” and impactful collaborations, he continues to spread messages of hope and divine trust, reminding us all of the ever-present guidance of God in our journey.