Green Arthur Releases New Single ‘Rest in Reverse,’ Blending Indie and Alternative Rock Influences

Indie rock musician Green Arthur, also known as Peter Dorrien Traisci, has released a new single, “Rest in Reverse,” building on the momentum of his earlier hit, “Pine Needles.” His music, deeply influenced by legends like James Taylor, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and Carly Simon, speaks to a journey that began in his childhood. Now residing in Newport, Rhode Island, Green Arthur uses his upbringing to create songs filled with genuine emotion and a sense of yearning for the past.

“Rest in Reverse” marks a beautiful step forward in Green Arthur’s musical journey. This energetic anthem explores themes of searching for meaning and accepting oneself.

The song, initially written on an acoustic guitar, evolved significantly in Green Arthur’s home studio. This evolution was thanks to the collaborative efforts of a talented group, including John Stirratt of Wilco on bass, Soren Burkum on drums, and Wes Hutchinson handling production.

This latest work is expected to connect with fans of bands like Wilco, Blur, and Pavement, blending deep introspection with appealing tunes. Through “Rest in Reverse,” Green Arthur encourages listeners to embark on a personal journey, one that promises a return to the uninhibited joy of our earlier years, showcasing his unique ability to weave complex emotions into his music.