Interview: AVANCE Goes Hard With Epic ‘Graves Full’ EP Released On Label Sounds Of Mayhem

Let’s dive deep into AVANCE and his recent bass-heavy release, Graves Full EP. For those of you who aren’t familiar, AVANCE hails from Sydney and has a knack for creating some seriously heavy, dark dubstep beats. If you haven’t had the time to tune into him this is the opportunity.

AVANCE has been active for a good many years been easy to notice peripherally for me personally, eagerly anticipating each new release. With every track, there’s some unique, different, and a takeaway to be plucked from it, and let me tell you, this EP is no exception. It’s evident that AVANCE poured not just talent, but also genuine emotion and passion into this work.

The collaborations on this EP are downright intoxicating. With talents like SISTO, Claymore, and others, featured on the EP, the dynamism injected into this one is apparent Each track feels like an epic journey, telling its own story. The darkness, the power, and the epicness of it all hits all the right pleasure centers. So, do yourself a favor: if you’re looking for a musical experience that’ll get your blood pumping and your head nodding, check out Graves Full EP. Dive into the deep end of bass and enjoy every second.

Taking out the time to chat, AVANCE had much to share about his album, his career, and more, in this interview with us seen below.


What initially drew you to the dubstep genre, and how have you developed your own distinctive style within the genre?

I started producing Trap music in the beginning, as I learned more sound design, I had an urge to make heavier and more evil sounds as I progressed. I am now making Horror music, which you can drop in a venue to a crowded room, or in a Horror movie when the killer is after you. I feel this has not been done before.

With ‘Graves Full EP,’ you’re releasing it on PhaseOne’s new imprint, Sounds Of Mayhem Recordings. How did you end up deciding to sign it to this imprint?

Sounds Of Mayhem gives me a dark electronic/metal feel, being the perfect home for someone who has a little evil in them.

Among the four collaborations on the EP, which one stands out to you the most in terms of the creative process and the final outcome? Could you share some insights into that particular collaboration?

Honestly, all of the tracks I love equally in their way. However, the track ‘Petrify’ stands out as we aimed to make it as aggressive and evil as possible. We achieved this using a mixture of dark vocals and chest-rattling percussion.

The EP explores darkness and themes of evil. How do you strive to create a sonic narrative that evokes these emotions in the listeners? And what do you hope the audience takes away from this musical journey?

When writing a track, I create a story in my head, and from there, every sound I create is meant to convey the emotions one would feel in that moment. I hope the audience understands that I am creating a Horror story, and this theme continues with every release.

As an artist, how do you balance pushing the boundaries of the bass music scene while also staying true to your artistic vision and satisfying your fans?

In the story I am telling, AVANCE is slowly descending into a nightmare that gets worse with every release. This means I have to push the boundaries without question; it is part of the process.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for the future of your music career, and what can we expect from you in terms of upcoming projects and performances?

My aspirations are to become the John Carpenter of the Electronic music industry. I plan to take this to the moon and you can expect some extraordinary projects in the future. I want my work to be a terrifying but exciting rush, a musical and cinematic experience that has not been executed before.

Do you have any plans for the future you can share at this time?

I will say that the cinematic side of my project will be more involved in the future. Eventually, I plan to have entire short Horror films for each record, providing the audience with the full potential of experiencing my work.