juuku Links Up With SSOS And NEWYON For Invigorating Bass Banger, ‘Lockup’

Giving a sneak preview into his upcoming EP, juuku has joined forces with talented artists SSOS and NEWYON for their new single, “Lockup”. The track instantly transports its audience to an alternate dimension with its interstellar echoes and soundscapes. Bringing in a spicy wave of energy, NEWYON enters the song to deliver a plethora of hard-hitting grime vocals. As the rapper chants with fierce aggression, “Lockup” builds towards a dramatic climax. When the drop hits, a riveting fusion of trap and bass take center stage.

This electrifying anthem is a balance between each of the artists’ identities and may come as a surprise to juuku fans, who are most used to his less intense melodic and experimental bass style. Breaking down “Lockup”, juuku says, “This track is about me digging deeper into the darker side of my music alongside one of my favorite producers right now. SSOS brings so much intensity to his music and after being on a Sable Valley summer compilation with him, we’ve joined forces to create some dope energy on a track together”

Overflowing with NEWYON’s gripping rhymes and sequences of ear-shattering dubstep, “Lockup” is just the tip of the iceberg for juuku. The Dim Mak Records single symbolizes the rising artist’s bright future ahead while he gears up for his Los Angeles release party surrounding his debut EP, Lavender Dreams & Scarlet Nightmares.