juuku Showcases Romantic Corner Of His World In ‘Still’

In an era where electronic music can sometimes feel sterile, juuku’s “Still” provides a breath of fresh air. Seamlessly fusing melodic house with the textured rhythms of electronic and future bass, the track is a sonic tapestry that envelopes listeners in an emotional embrace.

juuku’s skills doesn’t stop at his adept genre-blending. With “Still,” there’s a narrative layered beneath its beats: it chronicles the poignant love story between juuku and his wife. And, the release’s timing, coinciding with their anniversary, adds a touch of authenticity that few tracks possess. It’s an ode to love, entwined within the confines of electronic genius.

This deep emotional undercurrent is a hallmark of juuku’s music. Past gems like “Frozen,” “Warmth,” and “Late House” have already demonstrated his talent for crafting emotionally charged soundscapes. It’s clear why he’s surpassed the 900,00 monthly listener mark on Spotify and collaborated with industry stalwarts like Yetep and Manila Killa.

Endorsements from giants such as Forbes and Billboard reflect the industry’s acknowledgment of juuku’s prodigious talent. From the electrifying atmosphere of EDC Orlando to the soulful vibe of the Slow Magic 10 Year Anniversary Tour, juuku is one to watch.