Kaelin Ellis Sets the Stage for New Album with Release of ‘Ain’t You Mad’

Today marks the release of “Ain’t You Mad,” a new single from Kaelin Ellis, featuring Guapdad 4000, Buddy, and Kenny Mason. This track follows the premiere of “Celebration” and serves as the second preview of Ellis’ anticipated album “You Are Here, Start.” issued through Fool’s Gold Records.

The single “Ain’t You Mad” introduces a tough, genuine quality to alternative hip-hop, blending various musical influences and talents into a coherent, engaging whole. The collaboration of Guapdad 4000, Buddy, and Kenny Mason brings forth an eclectic mix that stands out from start to finish.

Previously, Ellis launched his new musical era with “Celebration,” collaborating with Tobi & Anomalie. This track combined smooth jazz elements with distinct electronic overtones, creating something time-testing and easy to get down with.

Kaelin Ellis, a native of Lakeland, Florida, integrates influences from Gospel, Madlib, J Dilla, and Flying Lotus into his music, creating a fresh, compelling sound. His work transcends typical genre classifications, combining elements of funk, hip-hop, electronic, and space-age jazz.

His extensive collaborations include notable names like Lupe Fiasco, Virgil Abloh, and Logic. Ellis continues to expand his influence, crafting sound packs and streaming on platforms like Twitch, engaging a growing fanbase. With accolades from major publications and ongoing live performances, Kaelin Ellis is shaping an impressive future for himself and his fans to enjoy.