Kaelin Ellis Teams Up with TOBi and Anomalie for the Genre-Blending Single ‘Celebration’

Kaelin Ellis, alongside TOBi and Anomalie, has dropped a new track called “Celebration,” out now via Fools Gold Records. This single weaves together smooth jazz vibes with a unique electronic twist, showing off the artists’ knack for blending different sounds into something special. The combination of Kaelin’s melodies with TOBi’s lyrical flow creates a sound that’s not only easy on the ears but also rich with funk, hip-hop, and jazz influences.

This track is just the beginning of what’s to come, with Kaelin hinting at a much-anticipated album that’s been brewing since 2021. After a lot of hard work and fine-tuning, it’s finally ready to make waves. Kaelin’s no stranger to praise, having already caught the attention of giants like Rolling Stone, NPR Music, and Complex Magazine, and it looks like 2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year for him.

Kaelin’s music is deeply influenced by a diverse range of sounds, from Gospel to Madlib, J Dilla, and Flying Lotus, allowing him to effortlessly glide through genres like funk, hip-hop, electronic, and jazz. He’s worked with a slew of impressive names across the music scene.

Beyond his music, Kaelin is also known for his engaging Twitch streams and his creation of sound packs, connecting with fans in a unique way. His work with big brands and his music’s presence on platforms like HBO Max and Netflix only scratches the surface of his story. With live gigs ranging from NPR Tiny Desk concerts to major festivals, Kaelin Ellis is making sure his voice is heard, promising more exciting stuff for his fans and the music world.