LIGHTYEAR Releases Invigorating Trap Anthem, ‘Busy’

Zeroed in on re-branding his identity as an artist, LIGHTYEAR has dropped his thrilling new trap single, “Busy”. This stimulating banger is a promising look into the direction LIGHTYEAR is heading in. Giving his piece of mind on the track, the rising producer says, “’Busy’ is such a fun record, it’s so catchy and I love the groove.”

The artwork for the song and its auditory components go hand-in-hand, as they both break their audience’s grasp on reality. “Busy” starts with a loud and impactful bassline that immediately engages listeners. Its hard-hitting trap progressions are accompanied by electrifying vocal cuts and effects that are from another dimension. LIGHTYEAR even keeps his fans on the edge of their seats by switching to a fast-paced invigorating beat towards the end of “Busy”.

Along with his sound design skills, LIGHTYEAR is also a seasoned DJ. He has brought his infectious stage presence to the likes of North Coast and Spring Awakening, in his home city of Chicago. Now, LIGHTYEAR is gearing up for more solid performances and upcoming projects, signaling that “Busy” is just the beginning.