Nikhil Iyer Delivers His Signature Indian-Pop Style In ‘Sanam (don’t go away)’

Presenting a soothing and introspective journey to music fans, artist Nikhil Iyer is back with his new single, “Sanam (don’t go away)”. This song encompasses soft delicate vocals from Nikhil and dreamy effects. Fueled by beautiful guitar melodies and a downtempo beat, “Sanam (don’t go away)” washes over listeners while radiating a vibe of complete relaxation.

Speaking on the meaning behind “Sanam (don’t go away)”, Nikhil says, “’oh love, oh my love, don’t go away from me.’” These lyrics are not below the surface by any means, but they bring to light a very desperate feeling in a lover’s heart. This song talks about the hopelessness that builds within you when you fall in love with someone, knowing that you can’t live without them, knowing that you’re afraid to live a life without them. 

Evident in “Sanam (don’t go away)”, Nikhil has cultivated a one-of-a-kind sound that fuses Indian cultural music and pop together. This can be traced to Nikhil’s inspiration from John Mayer and Ed Sheeran on the pop side and Indian artists, Darshan Raval and Arijit Singh. Already racking up more than half a million streams on Spotify alone, Nikhil plans on spreading his signature style even more in the months to come.