Paji Unveils Mesmerizing Music Video For His New Single, ‘Hewa’

Hailing from Berlin, Paji is a master of the musical arts. Taking a hiatus from putting out music in 2019, his dedicated followers questioned what Paji was up to. Since COVID was keeping people and artists at their homes, Paji seized the opportunity to train vigorously in violin and additional acoustic instruments. Now he is fusing these techniques with his skill set in electronic music production, forging an exotic signature sound.

After showcasing his new style with recent single “Awat”, Paji has returned with his hypnotic anthem, “Hewa”. Marking the second release on Paji’s label Jîyan, the track takes its audience on a spiritual adventure through sound. Paji intertwines an electrifying house-fueled bassline with vibrant melodies and uplifting vocal echoes. “Hewa” radiates pure euphoria as it transcends into different sequences of eclectic soundscapes.

Another factor that makes “Hewa” so special is the music video that Paji has built around it. Filmed on the aesthetic coast of Mallorca, Spain, the video features entrancing shots of Paji performing the song. Whether Paji is looking out over the ocean while playing the violin or crushing it on the synth pad for a hyped-up club crowd, every piece of “Hewa” is captivating to watch and listen to. This incredible project is just a taste of what Paji plans on bringing to the table in the future.

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