Ren Zukii Impresses With Sick WAKAAN Release In ’10 Hour Shower’

As Ren Zukii gears up to release her new single “10 Hour Shower” – there’s a sense of anticipation in the air, not just for the track itself, but for the story it tells of the artist behind it. Ren Zukii represents a unique blend of where your dreams can take you if you hold on, work hard, and have a great team around you.

Hailing from the serene surfing haven of Margaret River in Western Australia, the artist has been surrounded by music all of here life. Drum and bass was the entry point at 12, but by 18 she’s was a skilled DJ. This laid the groundwork of an blossoming career to come.

Soon going to the SAE Institute at 21, things really began to take shape. She was inspired by the bass side of things in terms of what her sound would be. This manifested and the rest is history.

“10 Hour Shower” is a banger through and through, perfect for any heavy-hitting set to slay on the masses.

For Ren Zukii, this is only one step in a bigger chronicle that she has no issue putting in the work to make a reality. Follow her and see this movement take it’s full manifestation.