Renée Brandsen Nails Original Vibe With Blend Of Unique Genres In ‘Call You Mine’

Shake up your Spotify playlist with a cocktail of dancepop, RnB, and jazz via Renée Brandsen. Hailing from the Netherlands, Renée didn’t just wake up one day and decide music was her thing. As a kid, she was scribbling down poems, humming little tunes, and stealing the show in school musicals. Those grade school jams – she wrote them and belted them out, marking the beginning of her love affair with the stage.

Fast-forward to her move to London. Not for the sights, but to dive deep into its eclectic music scene. While most of her peers sing about love and heartbreak, Renée’s songs take a different route. They’re an intimate reflection of her journey, the challenges and thrills of transitioning from a girl to a woman in a bustling city.

She’s dropped a new track, “Call You Mine”, and it’ boasts that infectious mix of garage, jazz, and pop vibes. But it’s her collaboration with Curt Lopez Jr. and the real-life stories behind the lyrics that make it truly special.

Renée’s music isn’t just about the sound itself or the lyrics on their own. It’s about her life, her choices, and her take on womanhood. In her own words, she’s in London to find herself, grow, and create killer music. While love itself is a wild ride, right now, it’s her music that’s capturing her heart.