‘Return Of The Dead’ ARTIFACT’s Latest EP Offers an Immersive Dubstep Experience

ARTIFACT stands as a beacon of innovation and musical ingenuity. Emerging from Sydney, Australia, with a distinctive sound that swiftly captured the attention of the global electronic music community, ARTIFACT has continually expanded his influence. His initial hit “Extinction” marked a pivotal moment, catapulting him into the limelight and securing a spot with the esteemed Buygore label. Following this, his collaboration with artists such as Kanine, Drezzo, and Volt, among others showcasing his ability to blend genres and captivate audiences across Australia and beyond.

The artist’s journey reflects a relentless pursuit of musical evolution, leading to his latest offering, the ‘Return Of The Dead’ EP. This EP promises an enthralling mix of dubstep, riddim, and drum and bass, encapsulated in four tracks: ‘Demon Slayer,’ ‘Gatekeeper,’ ‘Jump Scare,’ and ‘Night Vision.’

With his roots now firmly planted in the industry, ARTIFACT’s upcoming EP is a incredible example of his growth and the culmination of his achievements. It represents a moment of anticipation for fans and critics alike, eager to witness the next chapter in the story of a musician who has consistently demonstrated a deep connection with the music he makes and the fans he connects with.