Rock Ali And The Addiction Showcase A Hard Edge In ‘You Want’

In the world of rock music, few stories are as compelling and transformative as that of Alison Krebs, aka Rok Ali. Her journey, set against the backdrop of the sacred music she grew up with and the epic rise of rock & roll introduced by her older siblings, is a tale of passion, struggle, and rebirth. Alison’s early love for rock music became a beacon, guiding her through the turbulent waters of addiction. Now, with her addiction behind her, her true passion for music takes the center stage.

Rok Ali and The Addiction, the band she helms, is a blend of extraordinary talent and diverse backgrounds. The band’s lineup is nothing short of impressive. Guitarist Chris Nix’s early years were marked by his time jamming with members of James Brown’s band, which set the stage for his later collaborations with artists like Jo Dee Messina and Billy Ray Cyrus, and a significant partnership with Jonathan Davis of Korn.

The group’s bassist, Lee Beverly, brings nearly two decades of experience from his time with Eddie Money, and his resume includes working with icons like Mickey Thomas and Lou Gramm. Kevin Murphy, the drummer, adds his own unique flavor, having shared stages with a wide array of artists from Tonic to Daughtry. His drumming is both a foundation and a highlight in the band’s sound.

Together, Rok Ali and The Addiction are a musical force. Their sound is a seamless fusion of sophistication and raw energy, marked by a deep understanding of rock’s roots and a keen sense of modern sensibilities. Following the success of their self-titled debut album in 2022 and the acclaimed single “Ponder This” in 2023, they have unveiled their latest track, “You Want.”

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