SHERM & MANSHN Unleash Must Hear Tech House Single ‘No Tomorrow In Chicago’ On Hood Politics

In the enchanting realm of tech house, one artist stands out with a touch of suaveness, elegance, and finesse – Sherm. This Chicago-bred DJ and artist has charmed the local and global electronic music scene, proving his mettle time and again.

Sherm’s latest single, “No Tomorrow In Chicago,” a seamless collaboration with the creative force known as MANSHN, beautifully encapsulates the spirit of their beloved city. The versatile artist also hosts “Sherm In The Booth,” a revered podcast that has become a melodic sanctuary for countless listeners.

Sherm’s refined talents have seen him grace prominent events like the North Coast Music Festival, performing alongside stars like Galantis and Matroda. The heart of Chicago throbs within every beat of “No Tomorrow In Chicago,” showcasing the compelling synergy between Sherm and MANSHN.

In a beautiful tribute to his city, Sherm is known for his presentation of a modern, minimalistic remix of Frank Sinatra’s “Chicago,” paying homage to the city’s musical heritage. As he prepares for an exciting lineup of performances, including the Lollapalooza Afterparty and North Coast Festival, the music world eagerly anticipates the next wave of his enchanting melodies.