Slowboy Shares About Explosive Success, Experimenting With Sounds, & More [Exclusive Interview]

“Brazilian Phonk Mano,” the latest single from Slowboy, is not just a Phonk track. It’s a musical journey, a pulsating adventure that takes the listener into the heart of the Phonk genre. Slowboy, in collaboration with Crazy Mano and lucaf., has created a sonic world teeming with a sound fans around the world cannot get enough of – it’s visceral energy that seems to encapsulate the spirit of a brand new sound.

Slowboy’s rise from a fledgling underground producer to a global Phonk icon is an inspiring tale of talent, determination, and an uncanny knack for identifying the pulse of the zeitgeist. It’s no accident that his music has become the soundtrack to a tens of thousands of videos on social media platforms.

The enigmatic Crazy Mano brings an intriguing depth to the mix. His elusive identity has only served to amplify his allure, and his music’s hypnotic quality has captured the imagination of millions.

Rounding out this creative trio is lucaf., a gifted artist whose singular style has helped shape the trajectory of Phonk music. With millions of monthly listeners on Spotify, lucaf. has proved that his unique brand of Phonk is an essential part of this musical revolution.

“Brazilian Phonk Mano” embodies the creative synergy of these three artists, each contributing their unique talents to a project that is not only an explosive Phonk anthem but a testament to the genre’s transformative power.

Slowboy took the time out to answer questions on a variety of topics – see the interview below!


How did you become so involved in the Brazilian Phonk sound?

I began making Phonk late 2022 and after some time I drifted into experimenting more with the genre. I came across a Brazilian funk song from a friend and felt like the sound had big potential. That’s when I came up with Brazilian Phonk which wasn’t done before. After that it just spiraled upwards and now the Brazilian sound has become a big trend amongst other producers and consumers.

How did you end up collaborating with DJ Paul, Shiloh Dynasty, Creeds, and Sadfriendd?

That’s all thanks to my team, they made it possible for me to collab with all of these artists as well as their teams liking my sound.

When did you know your music was truly going viral?

It was when Brazilian Phonk Mano wouldn’t stop appearing on my For You Page on TikTok. That is when I knew that it was truly going viral.

When did you first learn of Phonk?

I’ve known of Phonk for years but the new, modern sound which became big on TikTok in the last 2 years I knew from TikTok. I wasn’t a big fan of it at the time, but it grew on me when I started producing Phonk myself.

What do you think makes your sound unique?

I love experimenting with sounds and doing what could be out of the ordinary which kinda made it harder for me to get noticed by other labels. I don’t think Brazilian Phonk Mano would have been accepted by any other labels than Aurorian Records and Void of Phonk at the time. But I’m glad I stuck with my own sound because it came through.