Solarrio and Holland Izz Make The 80’s Funk Groove Happen In ‘NLF’

To celebrate the release of their sensational new track “NLF”, Solarrio and Holland Izz are taking over Berlin’s Badehaus on October 11th. This Release Party and Showcase promises a night of electrifying performances and infectious rhythms that will draw audiences into the groove.

The track, “NLF”, captures a compelling blend of Popfunk, Dancepop, and pure Funk. It effortlessly weaves the vintage charm of the ’80s with modern musical sensibilities, offering a dance experience that’s hard to resist. Solarrio, the brain behind this sonic masterpiece, is no stranger to the world of music. He grew up surrounded by classical melodies but later found himself swaying to the sounds of rock, hip-hop, and eventually, music production. His evolution from rock band enthusiast in school to one of Germany’s top hip-hop producers speaks volumes of his vast musical journey.

Solarrio’s move towards his own music projects has resulted in a fascinating mix of synthpop and RNB/Funk. His upcoming debut album, “All The Wrong Places”, set to drop in spring 2024 on Playel Records, offers “NLF” as a tantalizing preview. Collaborating with Alhassan Sakho, Solarrio’s frequent creative confidante, the song features a vocal sample from another co-produced Holland Izz track, “Do it on the concrete”. This catchy element, combined with Solarrio’s dedication to paying tribute to legends like Rick James and Prince, makes “NLF” a treat for the ears.

From Compton, California, Holland Izz brings his unique brand of contemporary hip-hop to the table. Recognized by industry giants like XXL and No Jumper, Holland’s energetic and sharp lyricism perfectly complements Solarrio’s vibrant soundscape. Their shared reverence for classic artists like Prince and Rick James, and producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, is evident in “NLF”, hinting at more mesmerizing collaborations in the future.