Solarrio Showcases Smooth Vibes In The Release Of ‘B the 1’

David Barenboim, known globally as Solarrio, is a showcasing of the age-old adage that music knows no boundaries. Born amidst the charming boulevards of Paris and immersed in a lineage of classical musicians, one might have pegged him for a similar path. However, Solarrio’s youth was painted with rock band stints and freestyle rap sessions – an early hint of the genre-blending symphony his career would become.

His initial foray into music production was influenced by an eclectic mix, from 80’s synthpop to R&B. Not just limited to France, Solarrio’s talent extended beyond borders. His collaboration on Megaloh’s debut album with rap luminary Kurupt, and participation in projects such as “Reim Geschätlich”, echoes his skills and talents.

But it wasn’t just about collaborations. After honing his craft at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, he returned to Germany, producing for Berlin rap legend Harris and aligning with Raf Camora on chart-topping records. 2014 was transformative as David embraced his new avatar, Solarrio. This evolution was followed by hits that culminated in 2020’s “On my mind” and “Started this Yet”.

Now, Solarrio offers “B the 1”, the inaugural single from his debut album. This Berlin-Zurich-LA global production narrates a universal tale of love’s quest. As Solarrio explains, it’s a reflection on love’s intricacies, setting the tone for what promises to be a deeply evocative album. With a sound shaped by experiences across continents and genres, Solarrio’s “B the 1” is more than a song; it’s a journey.