Sparkee & LIINKS Team Up On Retro-Infused Dance Single “84”

With each having their own unique style and audiences that brings personality to the genres they touch, Sparkee and Liinks were a natural fit for a old-meets-new type of style that the two have brought forth in the single “84.”

“We love working with Sparkee and when he sent us the beat it gave us big 80’s pop vibes. It made us think about the first time we met and how it felt like dejavu…like we had been in that moment before…so we went with that retro theme and it all just kind of fell into place..” 


The single takes disco with house and blasts with a 80’s-retro feel. The combination is inspiring as a fresh, sun-kissed vibe is born and enjoyable again and again.

With the two collectively having millions of plays between them and an army of online viewers who’ve experienced what they can bring to the table, “84” is going places for certain.