The Golden Age of Wrestling Reveals Serious Chiptune Vibes In ‘Ferrari Rocher’

Jeff Cancade, the driving force behind The Golden Age of Wrestling (TGAOW), is pushing the boundaries in the electronic music world. Originating in 2019, this project embodies the fusion of ambient music’s ethereal soul with cinematic flamboyance, creating a “glambient” experience. Within the broad spectrum of electronic music where genres seamlessly merge, TGAOW distinctly stands out.

The track “Ferrari Rocher” epitomizes the TGAOW vision. It serves as a melodious canvas where the soft hues of nostalgia contrast with the vibrant colors of the future. Opening with a chiptune riff from early video game days, it takes listeners on a journey, transforming itself into a mesmerizing sonic panorama.

Among the noteworthy works in Cancade’s repertoire are the albums Tombstone Piledriver and Crossface Chicken Wing. Now, fans eagerly anticipate his forthcoming masterpiece, Scorpion Deathlock. However, to genuinely immerse oneself in the brilliance of TGAOW, attending a live performance is essential. As audiences bask under a radiant display of fluorescent lights paired with vintage visuals, they are transported into Cancade’s imaginative realm. This is more than just music; it’s an intricate dance of visuals and melodies, touching both the deep-rooted and fleeting emotions.