Unveiling Imazee’s ‘Dark Dreams’ EP – A Deep House Odyssey With Rebel Musique

Imazee, also known as Azizjon, has been making waves in the music scene since 2019, and his latest offering, ‘Dark Dreams,’ carries on a musical journey of passion and dedication. The EP, released via the independent and artist-centric label Rebel Musique, is a testament to Imazee’s love for Deep House and his commitment to making crowds move.

‘Dark Dreams’ is a collection of Deep House anthems that transcends the boundaries of the genre. Imazee’s ability to infuse rhythm and melody creates a musical celebration where listeners can express themselves creatively. From the pulsating beats of ‘Dark Dreams’, the title track to the hypnotic vibes of “You Broke Me First”, each track on the EP tells a unique sonic story.

Imazee’s production skills shine throughout the EP, showcasing his self-taught mastery of music production and mixing. The result is a seamless blend of beats that invite listeners to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of sound.

Rebel Musique, the independent label behind the release, continues to foster diverse and forward-thinking artists and their latest collaboration with Imazee continues that theme. allowing him to fully realize his artistic vision and share his music with a global audience. Imazee’s ‘Dark Dreams’ EP is a musical journey that reflects the artist’s commitment to his artistry and Rebel Musique’s devotion to nurturing talent.

Immerse yourself in the Deep House odyssey of ‘Dark Dreams’ on Spotify.