Wyatt Taylor Unleashes Dark and Gritty Anthem ‘How U Want It’ Blending Techno and Tech House

Wyatt Taylor’s new release “How U Want It” is a striking fusion that navigates the boundaries of techno and tech house. Unveiled in the enigmatic atmosphere of an underground club, this track marries the intensity of dense synthesizers with a profound bassline, creating an ambiance reminiscent of a secluded nightlife sanctuary. Its rhythm, both intricate and compelling, invites listeners to immerse themselves in its depth, offering a nuanced experience with each encounter. Taylor’s innovation shines through in his use of Sting 64 and Serum on Ableton, alongside various drum modules, pushing the boundaries of modular and analog sounds in his music.

An intriguing element of “How U Want It” is a siren sound, a genuine moment captured from a Boston PD car, weaving a thread of authenticity through the track. This piece signifies a notable evolution in Taylor’s career, leading him towards the forefront of the underground music scene with plans to establish his own label focused on such sounds.

Colton Stockton, the talent behind Wyatt Taylor, embarked on his musical journey during a transformative stay in Europe. Influenced by Berlin’s vibrant electronic music culture, Stockton has since dedicated himself to refining his craft, with 2024 promising the debut of a hybrid live performance set. This venture aims to blend the diverse influences that have shaped his musical path, with more from him set to reveal soon.