Alison Wonderland announces interactive digital show platform, Wonderverse, with first virtual event – Dancing Astronaut

The only upside to the lack of live, in-person shows that the music industry has seen this year is the depth of artist creativity when it comes to supplying fans with new ways to experience music. Alison Wonderland is no exception as she bursts into the new year with Wonderverse, digital setting for interactive shows where virtually anything can happen.

On January 8, Wonderland will host the Wonderverse’s very first show, which will place in a supernatural forest in the underworld complete with spell-casting, insane visuals, and an online space where fans can interact with Wonderland and each other in real-time. Through the Wonderverse, viewers will also have access to new music, merch, and exclusive behind the scenes content. Tickets are on sale here for just $10.

Featured image: Corbis/Getty Images