ANATTA infuses Marvin Gaye into minimal house track ‘Club Tradition’

U.S.-based DJ and producer ANATTA is on track to become a leading figure in the minimal house scene. Since launching the project in June 2020, his infectious, enticing, and funky sound has quickly captured the interest of esteemed minimal labels. In just two years, he’s released over 60 mesmerizing tracks on Rawsome, Hungarian Hot Wax, and IN/ROTATION, among others.

Returning to the scene with a fresh minimal tech house track, ANATTA builds on the success of his self-released single “Tobacco Docks” with the new release, “Club Tradition.” The track boasts a crisp and exacting sound, combining a captivating array of sonic elements, including ear-catching vocal samples. ANATTA masterfully integrates snippets of Marvin Gaye’s classic “Let’s Get It On,” seamlessly intertwining them into this invigorating and stylish minimal tune.